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Tanning tablets have been developed for quite a while now by several cosmetic companies. During the 70s, a few researchers realized that a certain food additive, once absorbed into the bloodstream through digestion, could alter one’s skin tone. This led to the development of this supplement. This supplement is geared towards helping people to get a beautiful sun-kissed glow without having to do any actual sunbathing. Yet, a lot of people have been wondering, are tanning tablets safe? Read on to find out.

What Are Tanning Tablets?

Before we dig deeper and find out if they are really ok to use, let’s first find out what these capsules are and how do they work. These are engineered to enhance and darken one’s tan.

Taking them is no doubt the safest and the easiest way to get a tan complexion for the entire year, which is great if you want to achieve a sun-kissed tan for your upcoming holiday. It does not require exposing yourself to the sun, which means that you will be safe and protected from the harmful UV rays.

Containing a mix of natural and unharmful ingredients, these tan tablets are designed to give you a healthy and golden bronze all year round without having to stay under the sun. Formulated with certain nutrients that help your body produce a tan, these products are ok to use and will not lead to dangerous side effects.

The pills of today are available in several different varieties. Some are rich in tyrosine while others contain certain pigments. By supplementing the body with tyrosine, the body’s natural process of producing a tan will be enhanced because the amino acids will be converted to melanin, which is responsible for the brown pigment in our skin.

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Because of the convenience that comes with using them, this supplement has built up a loyal following over the years, with many customers claiming to be very satisfied and happy with the results.

Why Choose This Supplement to Tan?

There are many ways to get a tan. Others would choose to fry themselves under the sun on the beach or expose themselves to ultraviolet radiation in tanning beds. There are also those who will choose to spray their body or apply lotions just to get a tan. Unfortunately, these methods come with many disadvantages.

First of all, sunbathing requires a lot of time. If you’re too busy with work and don’t have the time to go to the beach, then this option of tanning will not work for you. Secondly, exposing yourself to the sun is dangerous. In fact, it’s the number one cause of skin cancer. This also applies to sunbed use. Sunbeds are in fact more dangerous because you will be exposed to a higher level of UV rays, which is what’s causing skin damage and can eventually lead to cancer.

Since UV rays are dangerous, people have instead chosen to apply sprays and lotions. Unfortunately, these cosmetic products are only temporary and will not lead to an even tan. Therefore, the best option for getting a tan is to take this supplement.

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With safe tanning pills, you are not putting your health in danger since you won’t be exposing yourself under the sun. Moreover, it gives you a healthy glowing tan longer and others claimed that their tan has lasted for a year!

So Are Tanning Pills Safe Or Not?

If you’re among those who are wondering if Dark Lush pills are harmful, the answer is no. These tanning tablets are safe to use unlike sunbathing or sunbeds that will lead to skin cancer. But then this will also depend on the brand that you plan to take.

If you do a search online for the best tanning tablets, you will for sure be given many options. Not all brands are truly effective as they claim to be. In fact, some of them may not be ok for you to use. Thus, the answer to the question are they harmful will mainly depend on the brand that you choose.

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Just like with buying other products in the market, it’s important that you take your time to do your research. Don’t get easily fooled by companies claiming that their products are not harsh on the body and are the best in the market. You need to do thorough research by knowing the ingredients used and reading reviews written for them. Remember that the safe varieties are those that are made from natural ingredients that are FDA-approved. They will not lead to any horrible side effects and are totally fine to use for all skin types.


There’s definitely nothing wrong with using tablets to tan, despite the fact that many people are claiming that they are dangerous. Tanning pills are fine on the body as long as you choose the right ones to buy.

People who claim to have suffered from side effects such as an extreme headache and diarrhoea may have taken a bad product. This is why proper research is extremely important when looking for the right ones to buy.

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A tanned skin is considered beautiful, and having a healthy glowing tan is one way to boost your confidence. But spending longer under the sun or in a sunbed will lead to detrimental results.

A safer and more convenient option is to take safe tanning pills. Taking them means that you will not be susceptible to the health risks that come with UV exposure. Moreover, with today’s busy schedules, going to the beach for a tan is not the best solution.

So, if you want to get a beautiful tan, yet you are in doubt of whether or not the tanning tablets are safe, it’s time that you do your own research. Read reviews and feedback from other people who have tried using them themselves. From these reviews, you can easily tell if a particular tanning tablet is non-harmful and effective.

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