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Do you want to have a bronzed tanned skin throughout the year? You can either get the tan you desire by using lotions or the newest type on the market which is in tablet form.

However, the better option between the two is tablets without question. In fact, Dark Lush is the best tanning accelerator tablet on the market today. Read on to find out why.

Tan Accelerators for Fair Skin

What are these supplements and how do they work? They are tanning products such as lotions and recently pills. They work by speeding up your skin’s tanning process. For many years, people relied on lotions to do the job.

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A major disadvantage of creams is the fact that they are very messy. According to a number of tan accelerators reviews, a majority of people today, choose Dark Lush tanning tablets as the more effective way of getting and maintaining a natural-looking tan. Tan tablets give you a nice evenly distributed tan that lasts for a longer time and even feels like a natural enhancement.

Do they work when taken as a Pill?

Dark Lush tanning pills work in a completely different way compared to the traditional variants. The pills help you in two ways. First and foremost, they introduce tanning vitamins to promote the production of melanin, which is the skin component responsible for giving you a golden-brown colour.

Secondly, the tablets introduce more pigmentation ingredients to the body that give you an artificial but natural-looking tan. Keep in mind that the tablets contain vitamins and minerals that are very healthy for your skin.

Most of these products available as lotions cannot effectively influence melanin because it’s located in the base layer of the epidermis. On the other hand, Dark Lush tablets introduce an amino acid known as tyrosine which the body uses to produce melanin.

You can consider these tablets as supplements that help to maintain adequate levels of melanin in the body and give you a golden-brown tan. The tablets also contain copper which helps in the synthesis of melanin but is often deficient in most people’s diets.

What Are the Benefits of Accelerator Pills?

There are many reasons why most people are now turning to Dark Lush tanning tablets to get evenly tanned looks. Research has proven that our supplement is the most effective tanning solution.

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They help your body to absorb more vitamin D for healthier skin. They give you a beautiful tan without much effort. The tablets are easier to use and more convenient than creams. They are also less expensive than other more traditional products.

Let’s look at some of the major advantages of Dark Lush tan pills.

Made With Healthy Natural Ingredients Only

One of the key reasons why these tablets are considered as the most effective variant is the fact that they are made with all natural ingredients.

Natural ingredients increase the effectiveness of the tablets while eliminating side effects and unhealthy content in the product. Their ingredients, such as L-Tyrosine, Para-amino-benzoic acid (PABA), Copper Gluconate, silica, magnesium, and cellulose, are also needed by the body for other useful functions.

Easier to Use than Lotions

Another major advantage of Dark Lush tan accelerator is that they are extremely easy to use. Unlike lotions that often involve time-consuming and scary procedures, tablets only require a regular oral dosage to give you a sexy golden bronzed skin. They work fast too. You can expect to see your desired results after three days. The tablet method works from within the body which gives you effective and natural-looking results.

They Give You an Even Skin Tone

One of the biggest challenges while getting a nice tan is getting an even skin tone. With an uneven skin tone, you normally end up with a vague unnatural look. It will dull the actual essence of your skin. Tanning sprays give you an uneven tone because they are externally applied.

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Fortunately, accelerator pills give you work from inside the body and distribute the darker skin tone evenly on your body. They give you an even skin tone that lasts. Users of Dark Lush have expressed great satisfaction with the product in their online reviews.

They Give Long-Term Results

The results you get from pills last longer. This is because tablets help you to get a natural tan that lasts for weeks or even months. The pills accelerate the process and give you a darker skin tone. This is why most people consider Dark Lush tablets the best product today.

Tablets are More Affordable Than Creams

Tan tablets not only give you a golden bronze skin but are cost-effective as well. Sprays and creams cost far much higher than tanning tablets. The creams also require more complicated application methods than just consuming two pills a day. The pills are like a one-time investment that will give you a smooth darker skin tone for a long time. Dark Lush tanning pills are affordable and readily available over-the-counter (OTC) tablets.

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No More Messy Procedures to Get a Darker Skin Tone

One of the major problems cited by users of sun tan accelerator sprays and creams is the mess that results from their application procedures. You’ll need as much space as possible to ensure that you have applied the cream or spray throughout your body. It’s even difficult to reach some parts of your body, which can lead to uneven distribution of the darker tone.

The mess involved in applying creams on your body may leave you with greasy skin and clothes.

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Why not just pop one or two Dark Lush tablets with some water and enjoy evenly toned darker skin for weeks? The easy-to-use tablets are neither messy nor chaotic and deliver reliable results.


You can count on Dark Lush tanning tablets to enhance your beauty and boost your self-confidence at an affordable cost. It is the best tan accelerator tablet that will give you an evenly distributed darker skin tone.

The golden bronze skin covers every part of your body including sections where creams don’t cover effectively such as your neckline, cleavage, and thighs. More importantly, the tablets are made from natural ingredients. You can use them without fear of side effects or damage to your body.

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