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Everyone wants to look beautiful and have a deep and even tan. This is an easy way to look and feel attractive. The problem is that most tanning options such as sunbeds or sunbathing outdoors can present a serious risk to your health. This is where Dark Lush tanning tablets can help.

Our award-winning tan tablet has steadily acquired a dedicated following due to its safe and effective formula. There are many other products on the market which claim to produce a great tanning result but simply fail to have the desired effect.

But there’s no reason to put up with anything substandard when our tablets are safe, easy to use and deliver a deep, golden tan naturally!

By now, you might have some questions about the Dark Lush tan supplement. You might be asking yourself what’s in them, and whether they’re expensive. Prepare yourself for some good news! Dark Lush is an affordable option for those who want a natural-looking, all-over tan.

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Although Dark Lush is a very affordable brand, you might find cheaper alternatives if you look around. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that the cheaper alternatives may either fail to produce any result or even worse, cause nasty side effects.

You can satisfy yourself of the quality of Dark Lush by checking the reviews online. Take a look at our reviews and you’ll soon see that the quality stands out, giving you real peace of mind.

Check Reviews for Side Effects

One of the most important aspects to check for in reviews for these sunless tanning supplement is the mention of any side effects. The testimonials from users are very valuable and provide an easy way to check the claims of any product.

You’ll find that in the Dark Lush reviews, users are very satisfied with the results. More importantly, you’ll see that side effects are not an issue.

Cheaper alternatives carry the potential for extremely sinister side effects which could include an increased risk of cancer. Don’t expose yourself to a product which could damage your health when there is a risk-free alternative such as Dark Lush available.

Enjoy Guaranteed Results

There are lots of tanning tablets on the market so it can be difficult to pick the best one. Tanning pills reviews are a good way of whittling down the alternatives, leaving you with the tablets that offer the best results.

As reviews are based on a customer’s own first-hand experience, it’s one of the most reliable ways of checking whether a brand is as good as it claims.

With Dark Lush Tanning Tablets, you’ll have guaranteed results. The pills work with the melanin in your own body to create an even tan and a golden colour. By using the tablets you’ll avoid those tell-tale white lines or patchy, unwanted streaks.

Opt for the Easy Route

There are other ways to get a suntan, but all of these involve not just risk, but extra work too. Make life easy for yourself and choose the option which requires no extra effort.

Forget about sunbathing or spending hours on a sunbed. You’ll be exposing yourself to the dangers associated with UV damage, as well as spending lots of time trying to get the perfect colour.

a female user of this supplement who had a positive review of the product

It can be difficult to find the time to maintain a good tan when you work in the week. Dark Lush means you don’t have to scramble around at the weekend trying to top up your tan; there’s no extra work required to get a deep and even colour all over.

Avoid Unnecessary Risks

No matter how much you want to glow with a great tan, no-one wants to risk their health in the process. Some products on the market promise a quick and easy tan but in reality, shouldn’t be available for use in humans.

As well as causing problems with your skin, these products have been linked to more serious complications such as cancer. Many of these products have not been properly tested and the ingredients are not licensed for safe use.

To make sure you avoid these products, take a little bit of time before making a purchase to check out the reviews, literature and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. All of these places contain good quality information which can help you to determine the right products you should be using.

Value for Money

Cheap tan tablets might sound like a great idea but when you take them and don’t get the result you hoped, you may as well have just thrown the money in the bin. With Dark Lush, you’re guaranteed to get a tan that you’ll love, so every penny really does count.

As the old adage goes, “Buy it cheap, buy it twice” – if you buy cheap products that don’t provide you with a golden glow, you’ll have to buy a second product to get the results you want. In the end, trying to save a few pennies could cost you lots more money and actually work out to be more expensive!

Take the time to check out the review of the tanning pill first and make the right decision and you’ll find that the money you spend will be well worth it.


There are lots of factors to consider when buying tanning tablets but safety should be a priority. Cheap tablets could present a very real risk to your health – and won’t leave you with a golden tan either! The marketing photos used on packaging aren’t always an accurate reflection of the results you can expect, so make sure you do your own research first.

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There are lots of tanning pills reviews online so it’s never been easier to make sure you’re buying the best. Dark Lush are surprisingly affordable, and you’re guaranteed to have a deep, golden, all-over tan that you love.

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