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Tanning Tablets Without the Sun? Yes, They Exist and They Work! 2019-01-25T13:53:57+00:00

a woman showing her tanned skin

We all know from the media that too much sun on a regular basis isn’t good for our health, but that very same media insists on splattering itself with bronzed beauties left, right and centre to taunt us.

So, if we’re talking of splattering, instead of taking in too many rays, you could always smother yourself with fake tan to replicate that lovely glow?

That’s if you don’t wear white or don’t want perfectly clean bedding anymore, not to mention you’ll get gorgeous orange palms thrown in too.

Or you could just make it far easier on yourself and opt for using tanning tablets without any sun whatsoever!

If you’re new to the world of tanning pills, your mind may be boggling at how an edible tablet can possibly bring out a gorgeous tan?  Let’s take a look at the magic behind the tanning pill process

How Do They Work?

We know you want to feel amazing – we may not all be top models or beauty parlour addicts but most people feel just that little bit better with a sunny glow.

But we’re pleased to say you can put your tropical oil away and wear white to your heart’s content, (well white does show off our tan far better doesn’t it!) as tan tablets really are aesthetics at their most convenient.

a user of tanning tablets showing the results

We cover this in more detail over here (www.darklush.co.uk) but essentially tanning tablets contain an amino acid that our body converts to Melanin.

Most of us are familiar with what Melanin is, due to the heightened awareness of too much sun can damage the skin, which can lead to skin cancer.

But let’s stay off the doom and gloom shall we, as we’re talking about tanning pills that work without the sun and feeling good about our all-round summer look.

This increased production of Melanin that the tanning tablets stimulate, means that more pigment is gently produced by your body, resulting in your skin having a healthy glow in a healthy way.

Provided that you do your own research and use a reputable brand like ours, it’s a far safer way to get your sun-kissed look without a single UV ray.

We’re all so busy nowadays that we don’t have time to be sitting around in the sun or rushing off to tanning salons, so tanning pills really are a really simple, quick and mess-free way to get your beautiful bronze on the go!

dark skinned woman with a lovely suntan

The Best Tanning Pills Without Sun Guaranteed

Okay so everybody claims their products are the creme de la creme but when it comes to pills for tanning without any sun we know our stuff!

You don’t just need to take our word for it though, please do take a look at our reviews and recommendations, as we have customers now that are using our tanning tablets all year round because they trust us and just keep coming back for more.

So why us?  Tanning Pills are not a new craze – whilst they’re less well known than sunbeds or spray tans, tan tablets have actually been in use since the ’70s but unfortunately not every pill on the market today is effective.

The beauty and aesthetics industry is so vast that there’s plenty of room to mass-market inferior tan tablets, but luckily for you, that’s just not our style.  We know that if you’re looking for tanning tablets without the sun being needed, it’s because you’d like to, well… erm… tan without the sun!

If you’re taking a Dark Lush pill for your tan, we can confidently say you’ll see results as we vouch for every single ingredient in our pills and know they work!

It’s Only Natural…

Just an honest head’s up here though folks – you need to be slightly patient right at the start because the tablets use your body’s natural skin cycle.  The pigments will be created by your body at your deeper skin level and it takes roughly 28 days for the new skin to come to the surface.

But you can’t naturally rush this and we’re passionate about keeping you safe and healthy as well as beautiful, so we stick to only natural ingredients that work well.

If any other tanning tablet claims the results will be faster, it’s highly unlikely, so you may wish to save yourself some cash by avoiding these.

a tanned lady blowing a kiss

You will possibly start to see some extra colour coming through in a few weeks, but making allowances for how your body works will help you to relax that your glow will be here safely before long!

We also understand that you’re not going to want to put just anything into your body, so we ensure our tanning tablets only contain the best and completely natural ingredients.

The ingredients in our tablets are made up of, L-Tyrosine, Para-Aminobenzoic Acid (PABA), Copper Gluconate, Magnesium, Cellulose and Silica. These work together to help that tan move along nicely.

We know that you may not be familiar with all of these ingredients so we can’t urge you enough to do your own research and decide if these are for you.

tanned lady leaning against a wall

Sadly, not all companies are as ethical as we are, so some tanning tablets available on the market do unfortunately have side effects which you can avoid with some due diligence.

Yes we know that’s the boring part that nobody likes, but the way we see it is you usually get what you pay for.

Is it really worth making a small saving on an inferior product when you could be buying some of the safest and best tanning pills that work without the sun right here?

So, rain or shine, and regardless of the time of year, you can use our pills to give you that gorgeous summer glow,  having you looking great before you know it.

While you’re at it, why not also have some fun by keeping a tally on how much less money you spend on sun cream, moisturisers, after sun cream and maybe even makeup. As who in their right mind wants to cover up a natural sun-kissed look??

We definitely want you to be showing it off that’s for sure!